Pros & Cons of an Online Business Directory

Is an online directory the right choice for you and your business?

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January 10, 2024
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January 10, 2024

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a business that offers a specific service or product, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a directory or two. People are always looking to explore local places and experiences, and online directories are a great way for small businesses to be visible and expand their reach.

While directories have fallen a bit from public consciousness since the death of the Yellow Pages, they remain a powerful tool that allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for without wading through hundreds of Google search results.

If you believe in supporting local businesses, a well-managed online directory is your best guide. Let’s break down the pros and the cons.

What is a Business Directory?

An online business directory is a website that lists businesses within niche-based categories and provides search tools like filters to let users narrow down their options and hone in on their best choices. This enables people to discover and connect with companies they otherwise may never have found.

Some commonly known directories are Yelp or Yellow Pages. These are websites we have used for years in order to find businesses.

The Role of Directories

In a nutshell, an online business directory is a website that lists businesses within niche-based categories and provides search tools like filters to let users narrow down their options and hone in on their best choices. They bring a lot of purpose to business and customers such as:

  1. Local Visibility: They serve as a bridge between business and customers.
  2. Online Presence: Businesses can improve their search engine optimization (SEO) because a good directory has good ranking on google. 
  3. Connections: They are great resources for people who are looking to hire or connect with vendors and professionals.
  4. Legitimacy: Since you're recommended by a directory they give your business credibility.

Pro: Extend Your Local Visibility 

When the Yellow Pages first published their book of business listings, the intent was to be a resource for a more interconnected community. At the time, this was a big step forward for the visibility of local businesses. The internet wasn’t a thing yet, and people relied on their own knowledge or asked friends and family for directions to new places. 

With the growth of technology, the internet has largely replaced printed directories, and we as business owners are faced with oversaturated platforms to market our companies. Our online presence is now determined largely by algorithms that determine our reach based on hidden, everchanging factors that can feel like a full-time job to stay up to date with. This can make it seem difficult or impossible to break through to the customers you’re trying to reach.

Contrary to this, a directory’s primary role is to capture new customers, tell them about your business, and widen your online footprint. They are typically much less expensive than paying for regular social media advertising, and they’re usually run by local people who care about your community. 

Pro: Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity people have with your business. This is generally built up over time, as people see and experience your brand out in the wild.

There are two keys to this:

  1. Branding that connects. Brand elements like your logo, colors, message, and more, should never be an afterthought. Know your target audience and carefully create each element to speak to them and capture their hearts.
  1. Consistent delivery. Once you establish your branding, stick to it! Repetition is a huge part of brand awareness. People generally need time to warm up to you. The more opportunities you give them to experience consistent branding, the better your business will stick in their minds, and they’ll be much more likely to hire you or make a purchase the next time they need what your business offers.

A good directory will let your brand shine through on your listing, with spaces for you to showcase your logo, brand colors, photos, and other important elements. This all helps increase your brand awareness and gives people another touchpoint with you when they’re out in the wild searching for what they need.

Con: Time & Effort

While we love directories, keep in mind that not all of them are created equally. 

One potential red flag to watch out for with directories is the level of effort put into them. Often, people who create these resources on a volunteer basis just don’t have the time to properly maintain them, and then following things happen:

  • They don’t have time or don’t allow time to let the directory grow, and it closes
  • They cut corners to make quick cash, or don’t reinvest in the business
  • They don’t put effort into their marketing, and the directory is largely unused.
  • They don’t update the information being provided, and the directory becomes stagnant

Watch out for these red flags when considering paying to be listed in a directory. If you are investing into a platform it is important to hold those you are investing into accountable.

Con: Updates

Directories benefit both locals and travelers alike. Since they offer a unique selection of businesses you can always find something new to experience. The bad thing about directories is if they don’t update, or allow you to update your profile, this can hinder the growth of your business. 

Imagine you moved to another city and your customers are consistently finding the address of your old business? You will lose customers, brand recognition, and get bad reviews. It's important to ask questions and understand who you are investing in.


We have come a long way since the first copy of Yellow Pages. Online directories have been an innovative and convenient way to find various people and places near you. Take comfort that the growth of your business doesn't need to depend on an algorithm. You are not alone in the growth of your business and there are people in your corner. Determine your goals and join a directory that aligns with your business.

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