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Our Networking Hangout are professional networking events for you to hang out with the community

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January 1, 2024
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January 1, 2024

Hey 👋 We are Heyven a free-to-browse online directory of Minnesota small businesses, creators, and nonprofits. Our directory is a resource to discover Minnesota owned locally.

Towards the end of 2023, The Brooklyn Park Small Business Center — a co-working space designed to encourage collaboration and business growth — joined our community. After touring their beautiful space and learning about their affordable memberships our team saw an opportunity for us to collaborate.

Our network is growing and their community is growing, so we saw this as a great opportunity to bring both worlds together in their beautifully designed space. 

In 2024 we decided to partner and launch our signature Networking Hangouts to help people connect and showcase the space.

On January 24th, we ask you to close your laptop and join the conversation! Our Networking Hangout is more than a networking event—it’s your opportunity to hang out with the community!

This 2-hour intimate event cuts the fluff and focuses on what’s important: CONNECTION. After kicking off with a brief introduction, we’ll stand back and let the conversations begin!

Our event is designed for introverts and extroverts to feel included. Upon arrival you can pick up an ice breaker card that makes it easy to mingle, and you’re also free to go off-script and explore organic conversations.

Grab a Solo Ticket or save money and bring your business bestie with our Dynamic Duo Tickets!

Come as you are, grab a friend, and get ready to grow your network with #HeyvenConnections!

What is a networking hangout?

A networking hangout is something unique to our business. Structured like a networking event, our Networking Hangout is a cozy way to network. Usually networking events are stuffy and we make sure our events are hosted in cozy spaces with good people and good food.

Because of our partnership with the Brooklyn Park Small Business Center our event is hosted in a beautiful space with lots of cozy seating.

What are conversation starters?

Upon arrival you will pick up a Conversation Starter. These are a unique card we created to help you break the ice with someone new. Let’s say you meet someone new, after you both introduce yourself you can use the card to learn about them and get a conversation started. They are open ended questions centered around giving thought provoking answers.

What if I don't know how to network?

That is okay, you are still welcome! Marcus Styles is a highly skilled networker who can give you tips or help you get the conversation started. He would be delighted to help you.

What parking arrangements are available at the venue?

BPSBC is located in Brooklyn Park and has its own parking lot. Parking is fast, easy, and there is a lot of room!

Will there be refreshments?

We do not provide dinner but we do provide light refreshments.

I have special accessibility needs/dietary requirements; can you accommodate me?

BPSBC is an accessible venue for everyone. There is handicap parking and there is wheelchair access throughout the entire event. If you need any special accommodations please connect us at

We are happy to accommodate you!

Is there a dress code for the event?

Come as you are, our event is a safe place for everyone. 

Can I buy a ticket on-site?

Yes you can. Let the person at the front know that you would like to purchase a ticket!

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